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Solid Surface




Granite is normally a coarse grained igneous rock that is comprised of quartz, feldspars and micas. The quartz will be be the lighter color minerals with the remaining consisting of feldspars and muscovite. The dark minerals are hornblende or biotite. Granite is by far the most common rock found in the outer crust of the planet. Granite is formed by the cooling of magma in the ground. Granite is an outstanding material for countertops.




brazil quarry

A small quarry outside Vitoria Brazil

A small quarry in Brazil


Marble is metamorphosed sedimentary carbonate rock. Limestone or dolomite (carbonate rocks) are the typical base minerals. The recrystallization of the carbonate minerals result in Marble.


Often, the original structure of the carbonate rocks are modified during the metamorphism to render the marble unrecognizable from its original state. The swirling and veins in marble often result from mineral impurities which are in layers in the original limestone or dolomite.


What is Quartz?

As the name implies it is a countertop product that is made of quartz and resins. Before granite slabs were resined Engineered Stone had one major advantage over its natural counterpart, it was difficult to stain. Now with the advent of resined slabs that advantage is gone. The primary difference is the appearance. Man made products come in a large range of consistent colors which do not occur naturally in nature.


You often see engineered stone being used in commercial setting or contemporary ones. You get  to decide which look is best for your project.

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Quartz is also know as engineered stone.

What is Solid Surface?


Solid surface countertops are man made from a mixture of marble dust, acrylic, bauxite, and/or various polyester resins and pigments.


Care & Maintenance:  Clean routinely with a soft rag and mild detergent (non-bleach and non-abrasive).


Lifetime Limited Warranty:  Warranty on products to be free from manufacturing defects in accordance to manufactures specifications.


Perfect For: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, Table Tops, Shower Walls, Shower Bases, Tub Surrounds, Office Desks, Reception Desks, Wet Bars, Window Sills



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Do you remove countertops?

Yes we can remove and dispose of your old counters.  We use the latest technology in template system.  This technology allows us to get the measurements of your kitchen counter tops with out removing the old counter tops. That way our customer will have the convenience of not being with out a kitchen during the fabrication process.


If you would like to visuallize what your newly remodled countertops, please visit our virtual design studio.


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We can remove and dispose of  your countertops!

Yes, we have one of the largest inventory of granite remnants around! We also have remnants and half slabs of engineered stone, marble, limestone, onyx and of course granite and many other types of stone remnants.


Stop by and see if we have the stone you want!



Do you have remnants?

We stock remnants for use on smaller projects.

Protect your investment with Dry Treat stone sealers.

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We offer the latest technology in sealers for your natural stone.  We are certified by Dry Treat to seal any natural stone.  Need something sealed?  Please call us to make an appointment.

15 year warranty against stains on granite countertops.








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